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What can be done to Next Generation CMS:

Personal site / blog

Personal site / blog

NGCMS is an ideal platform for creating a personal site or a blog. Different extensions will help to operate with various types of media files (photos, audio, video etc) and add RSS feeds, trackback and pingback support. Site pages' crosslinking can be done with bread crumbs and tag systems. Moreover, you can integrate your site with Gravatar and OpenID services.

Online mass media

Online mass media

NGCMS allows building modern global news portals. Adding and editing of news, press-releases and site's content is being done with user-friendly administrating area's interface. Automatic pagination can split a large document to increase site page count. Multilevel categorizing helps to flexibly classify all the information.

News portal

News portal

With the help of NGCMS it is easy for almost any webmaster to set up a news portal within a few hours. A "Multisite" settings and "Switcher" plugin are responsible for multisite functionality (multilanguage support, different design templates). Initially NGCMS had been developed as a news portal engine, but now it's possibilities is much wider: creating a personal blog, a web 2.0 community or a big media portal.

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Elenika: House in Greece

The company "Elenika"

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NG is very simple to use, lightweight, flexible, friendly, fast, and just an amazing CMS. As soon as I came upon it, I realized that the site will carry it on this engine. And now, my sait managed by NGCMS. I use it to have somewhere for two months - happy as an elephant! Previously stood on the site DataLifeEngine, but due to the fact that she decided to pay yet to find something else, that's the way came across NG and now I do not think have traded it for any other. I'm recommend that CMS for enyone projects!

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