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What can be done to Next Generation CMS:

Web 2.0 projects and communities

Web 2.0 projects and communities

Ranks, ratings, reputation and site content access control systems will help to build a collective or personal blog-based news portal. Additional plugins can extend the engine's functionality, for example, you can limit users to comment or create their own blogs.

Corporate site

Corporate site

Hierarchical structure information presentation tools make NGCMS appropriate for organizing of a modern corporate site. Editable feedback forms provide just-in-time interaction with online users; you can send a message to any user with "Messages" menu of the administrating panel.

News portal

News portal

With the help of NGCMS it is easy for almost any webmaster to set up a news portal within a few hours. A "Multisite" settings and "Switcher" plugin are responsible for multisite functionality (multilanguage support, different design templates). Initially NGCMS had been developed as a news portal engine, but now it's possibilities is much wider: creating a personal blog, a web 2.0 community or a big media portal.

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I work with the Next Generation CMS since 2010.
Very pleased with the CMS and I has never regretted what my site is working on it. I advise everyone to use this CMS.

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