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What can be done to Next Generation CMS:

Online mass media

Online mass media

NGCMS allows building modern global news portals. Adding and editing of news, press-releases and site's content is being done with user-friendly administrating area's interface. Automatic pagination can split a large document to increase site page count. Multilevel categorizing helps to flexibly classify all the information.

Highloaded websystems

Highloaded websystems

The server's load is greatly reduced by built-in caching, page compression and static content query parallelizing systems; page generation time and outgoing traffic are reducing, site's response time become shorter.

Online business card

Online business card

NGCMS suits for building representative company's site of basic level. User-friendly interface allows easy creating, supporting and extending your site. It's not necessary to be acquainted with programming languages to control NGCMS website; the only thing you must know is how to use office applications. Online business card or a homepage is the easiest application of Next Generation CMS.

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Site Swimming Federation ...

Swimming Federation of Chelyabinsk region

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The system is free, simple, fast and convenient. It evolves, so to speak, "overgrown muscles." Templating understandable to all with a basic knowledge html + css. Emerging issues and problems in the majority of cases are solved promptly.

Thanks to the team of developers NG! You have an interesting and promising project.

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