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General information

Next Generation CMS review


Next Generation content management system is an all-purpose platform which allows creating and supporting professional websites of any complexity level. Most functions are clear to users acquainted with office applications, advanced users are able to build their own project with it's unique features with the help of the documentation.


Next Generation CMS is distributed under the terms of the GPL v2 license. This license gives the end-user the following rights:
1) you are free to run the software for any purpose
2) you are free to learn how the software works
3) you are free to distribute copies of the software
4) you are free to make and distribute improvements for the software

Technical requirements

Next Generation CMS is not a resource-demanding engine and is capable to be running on most of Russian and foreign hosting platforms.

Software requirements are:
1) Linux, FreeBSD or Windows operating system
2) Apache v1.3 and above
3) PHP v5.2 and above
4) MySQL v4 and above

Extra requirements for several functions:
1) Apache mod_rewrite module
2) GD v2.x library for PHP
3) XML module for PHP

Appearance, template system, usability

The default template design is simple and convenient; administrating area's interface is not congested with a lot of unnecessary elements.

ngcms-default-skin.png (58.92 Kb)

Most pages are using page-navigation, sorting and list-filtering functions; in addition, there is a minimal set of actions you have to do for typical operations such as publishing or editing news, CMS and plugins configuring and so on.

ngcms-default-admin.png (15.7 Kb)

Users are able to configure site interface according to their own preferences, it is possible by template system allowing to set up the appearance both of users and administrating areas.

Features and modules

Next generation CMS allows creating projects of different levels, from simple home pages to complex web-systems, news portals, online shops platforms and mass media services.
A site based on Next Generation CMS can use a wide range of graphical and animated elements and design solutions.

During this year many plugins have been developed, the most important of them are:
- auth_loginza :: OpenID authentication
- who_online :: Shows online users list
- A plugin displaying mainlink.ru and setlinks.ru links
- elka :: If-blocks for several pages
- breadcrumbs :: Bread crumbs
- pm :: Private messaging
- newsvotes :: News-embedded polls
- show_comments :: Comments management
- addnews :: Adding news from site
- fgallery :: File-based photo gallery
- weather :: Weather forecast
- statistic :: Statistics of visits
- private_content :: Private content + user statuses
- qrcode :: QRCode support
- In addition about 50 templates were published on the NGCMS forum

Developers are able to create their own additional modules, and the total existing different-focused plugins count is about 100.

Other engines integration

Next Generation CMS is capable to integrate with popular forum engines such as vBulletin, PubBB and phpBB. It provides one-time users' registering and logging both on the forum and site; furthermore, there are third-party solutions to display a widget with the forum's last messages list on the site (there are such solutions for PunBB, vBulletin, SMF, IP.Board, phpBB and AEF forum engines).

Performance and load

A server with Pentium D 2.8 GHz processor and ~100 MB RAM allocated can handle 50k of hits with 10% load; theoretically, it means that this server can handle at least 1-1.5m of hits.

The built-in caching system can reduce database query count and page generation time without truncating site's functionality: the minimal database queries count is 4, the minimal page generation time less than 0.1 seconds.


Today Next Generation CMS is a free perspective content management system. It's wide functionality allows you to create ready to use site just in a few hours and to keep it up-to-date easily in the future.

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0.9.3 Release
28 октября 2011
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