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Ranks, ratings, reputation and site content access control systems will help to build a collective or personal blog-based news portal. Additional plugins can extend the engine's functionality, for example, you can limit users to comment or create their own blogs.

With the help of Next Generation CMS you can combine news blog and social network, it is possible by different plugins. For example, you can add polls or a feedback form; installing virtual cash plugin may give you extra pays for additional services like paid content or advertising system.

Private messaging system plugin can add interactivity to your site helping users to talk and express their thoughts online. "Users configuring" module can help administrator to block users who does not keep the site's rules.

Gravatar.com integration lets users identify each other easily because every user has the same avatar on different sites. In "Users" menu you can set the maximum length of "About me" profile's field, maximum photo size to upload (in megabytes) and thumbnails size.

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0.9.3 Release
28 октября 2011
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