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Hierarchical structure information presentation tools make NGCMS appropriate for organizing of a modern corporate site. Editable feedback forms provide just-in-time interaction with online users; you can send a message to any user with "Messages" menu of the administrating panel.

Install NGCMS on a local server to build a corporate social network: the chief will be able to obtain work results from his staff without leaving his room. Furthermore, you can create a highly specialized site for employees of the same profession.

Using components you can control almost all information types on your site from news to complex product catalogs. You can easily reproduce company's structure with all the branches and departments by creating different categories and posting all documents in the following sections.

A simplified management of NGCMS can save company's budget: you don't have to employ a programmer or a web-designer to work with the site - your secretary will cope with publishing of new articles and materials.

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0.9.3 Release
28 октября 2011
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