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NGCMS allows building modern global news portals. Adding and editing of news, press-releases and site's content is being done with user-friendly administrating area's interface. Automatic pagination can split a large document to increase site page count. Multilevel categorizing helps to flexibly classify all the information.

The only two menu items you must know how to use to create an online mass media site are "Add" and "Edit". There are three sections on the news adding page: "Main content", "Extra" and "Attachments". The first section is very simple to understand, even a beginner user can fill all the necessary fields. The "Alternate name", "Description" and "Keywords" fields are used for SEO. You may display the article on the main page or disable comments using the corresponding checkboxes.

You can use search by title, text or author to quickly navigate over published and draft news.
You can add news' categories using "Categories management" page in "Settings" menu. For example, there are popular categories like "Sports", "Politics", "Economics" and so on.

To add an image, click the icon under the "Title" field, choose one of the existing images or upload a new one by using the "Upload" button.

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28 октября 2011
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