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Highloaded websystems

The server's load is greatly reduced by built-in caching, page compression and static content query parallelizing systems; page generation time and outgoing traffic are reducing, site's response time become shorter.

A lot of webmasters have been using Wordpress before for creating a satellite map on one hosting account. Due to the fact that Wordpress is a resource demanding engine webmasters were had to optimize every site's script to reduce server's load.

Next Generation CMS is already optimized for high performance and suits both for building big news portals and satellite map. It became possible by a modular structure of the engine and a big variety of plugins included in the system by default. Administrating area provides a template editing interface - it may be handy for advanced users.

Short response time is the main reason for you to choose NGCMS as your site's engine. For example, when 50 site's users are online Wordpress generates a page in 2 seconds, Joomla in 6 seconds, but NGCMS just in 0,7 seconds.

Next Generation CMS not only makes your site faster, but also saves your money because of its modest server resource consumption.

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28 октября 2011
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