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NGCMS is an ideal platform for creating a personal site or a blog. Different extensions will help to operate with various types of media files (photos, audio, video etc) and add RSS feeds, trackback and pingback support. Site pages' crosslinking can be done with bread crumbs and tag systems. Moreover, you can integrate your site with Gravatar and OpenID services.

NGCMS suits both for amateur and expert bloggers: first ones would be pleased with simple news and videos adding, second ones may tune some settings like news display count per page.

News annotation function is very useful: you can write the annotation text for the article to show on the main page separately with the full one, or just use "more" tag like in Wordpress. If you are interested in SEO (search engine optimization) you may find interesting to limit users to add web links in comments or articles.

Professional webmasters may find useful multidomain supporting: site's home page, administrating panel and file uploader pages can be hooked on different domains. These settings may be adjusted in "System settings" - "Domains" menu.

NGCMS is very simple in learning: a newbie will be able to use it after a few hours after installing. A wide functionality, high performance and simple interface are the main advantages of Next Generation CMS.

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0.9.3 Release
28 октября 2011
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